Monday, November 17, 2014


Magewell 6-channel video capture card is equipped with ADI/Wolfson chip, which is based on A/V Codec + FPGA + DDR2 + PCI-E. Leading technology enables users to experience more qualified audio and video. The DDR2 frame buffers at very high speed and the DMA transmission takes place within FPGA, which helps to avoid image drawing. Moreover, users can upgrade the hardware without buying new components.

There is no denying that television is playing an extremely important role in our daily life. We get the first-hand news and information from it and nothing can replace it. With the rapid development of science and technology and people’s living standard, the traditional television can no longer meet people’s requirements. People need the television which is smart enough to filter various information it gets instead of receiving everything. What’s more, traditional television is not clear enough for people any more. On the other hand, you have no choice but to miss the program if you are too busy to watch it for you are not allowed to go back to watch it. Confronted with so many problems, people are eager to solve them to make the most of television to the largest possible extent.

Nowadays, Internet is really developing at a surprisingly high speed. Computer peripherals are emerging daily. IPTV, transmitted by IP Internet, is one of such high-tech products. As broadband network is developing very fast, so is IPTV. Television, personal computer, and handheld device are used as the terminals for the display of images and videos. The set top box or broadband network is used to support services of digital TV, time-shift TV and interactive TV. IPTV changes the way people watch television. People are no longer passively limited by television or broadcast station. They are free to choose whatever and whenever they want to watch. It saves a lot of time and money, which really brings people so much benefits and conveniences. 

The construction of informationization has also been promoted by IPTV. More and more Internet applications have been created for people to use. The cost has also been decreased and the efficiency improved. Digital media is changing our life in every aspect unprecedentedly. There is no doubt that people will change their traditional ways into new ones to get information immediately and accurately.