Saturday, December 27, 2014

About HDMI Connectors

There are four types of HDMI connectors applied in the high definition multimedia interface system, among which three are very popular among consumers.

The Type A HDMI connector are the most widely utilized in this digital age. As a result, Type A is usually symbolized for the standard connector. Generally speaking, it is combined by the plug and socket. Most HD connections have such structure. Moreover, Type A HDMI connector is composed of 19 pins.

The Type B HDMI connector is a little bit larger than Type A connector. As a matter of fact, it consist of 29 pins instead of 19 pins. Therefore, these extra pins allow it to have a “dual link DVI” connection, which means that it is able to transfer more information and video details than Type A. The image and video transmitted by Type B will be more vivid and clear. Unfortunately, people have no such demanding requirements, so Type B is not very popular among consumers at present.

The Type C HDMI connector have a lot in common with type A. For example, it also has 19 pins. What distinguishes it from Type A is that its plug is of smaller size in comparison. Therefore, Type C HDMI connector is widely used on some portable devices as such device has no enough much room for sockets.

The Type C HDMI connector is of the smallest size among those four types connectors. However, it also has 19 pins. Compared with Type A and Type C connectors, Type D, different in form, is relatively flat. To make it easier for you to understand, it is safe to say that the differences in their sizes and shapes is similar to those between a standard USB plug and a micro-USB plug.

Experts are also dedicating to developing more advanced connectors which will surely bring consumers more conveniences and benefits.