Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Different Types of Computer Cases

Traditionally, there are two basic styles when it comes to computer cases: the desktop and the tower. Desktop computer cases are flat and box-shaped. Its height is about eight inches (20 cm). From its given name we can know that the desktop computer case is designed to sit on top of the desk. The majority of desktop computer case users often place their monitors on the top of the case with the intention of saving space. On the other hand, tower computer cases are tall, deep and narrow for they are tipped up on one side. Generally speaking, tower computer cases are placed below the desk.

Users can open the desktop computer case by lifting the top off. The motherboard of the computer is installed on the bottom of the computer while the hard drive is installed in bays. One or more DVD/CD players, a floppy drive, advanced sound card interface and any kind of device made for a computer bay can be accommodated in the front of the desktop computer case at the same time. Although some computer cases feature connectivity for front USB, Firewire, microphone and headphone ports, the majority of the port lies at the rear of the case.

People design the tower computer case with the intention of saving space. The tower computer case are usually placed on the floor by the feet or to the right in a cubbyhole present on some modern computer desks in order to accomplish its mission, which can bring users much convenience and benefits. In addition, there are several ways for users to make use of when opening the tower case according to the model. Sliding away one or both sides and lifting away the top together with both sides are both feasible and useful.

It is very beneficial for users to master a good knowledge of the computer case for they can choose a model they will take most advantages of.