Wednesday, February 11, 2015

About Black Bars

Generally speaking, there are some common problems associated with aspect ratio. For example, the video seems stretched horizontally or vertically when you play it on your DVD player. Fortunately, such problem can be easily handled by tweaking hardware settings. Users just need to configure the DVD player or TV set to the correct aspect ratio in order to make the video as normal. 

In addition, there is one problem related with aspect ratio. People will encounter with it from time to time when playing video. How to remove the black bars from the edges of the video when you are playing the video? 

As a matter of fact, black bars often happen when a widescreen video (16:9) is converted to 4:3 if the user is making use of the Letter Box resize method. To be honest, the proportions of the image have nothing uncommon, but there are black bars existing on the top and bottom of the video. If you are watching video on a widescreen TV, then this problem will lead you to feel a little bit uncomfortable and distract you to a large extent. The TV adds its own bars to the sides of the video to display it on the screen. 

On the other hand, black bars will appear on the left and right sides of the video image when a 4:3 video is converted to 16:9 using Letter Box resize method. In this case, users can make use of the Crop resize method in order to get rid of the unwanted black bars and return the video to 4:3 aspect ratio eventually. Moreover, people can also remove the unwanted black bars by adopting some professional software designed to perform some very powerful functions. In the end, the video will be displayed normally and people can enjoy watching it without being distracted by the black bars.