Monday, February 16, 2015


A variety of cables have been adopted by people in daily life and work in order to transmit sound and video quality to one another in computers and televisions. VGA and HDMI are two of those cables and video standards. They are used to hook computer up to the television, which can help people enjoy the video on the television after transmitted from their computers. Therefore, it is safe to say that they are of great use in people’s daily life. If you want to put a movie onto the TV or if you are in need of showing a PPT or slide to a group of friends or family or for a business meeting, then they will help you in many ways.

As a matter of fact, VGA and HDMI cables have two different types of video standards. The VGA is an analog standard which can be used with things like S-Video, radio frequency, D-Terminal and even component video, etc. on the other hand, HDMI is able to connect digitally with audio and video sources like Blu-Ray disc players, DVD players, HD DVD and even things like computers, video game consoles and camcorders.

VGA cables can only offer the video signal. Any other signals including audio can not be offered through VGA. On the other hand, HDMI can offer both video and audio signals. This difference has a lot of influence as you can decide whether you need other cables, connectors or even adapters under some circumstances. As a result, you are supposed to equip an adapter with audio cables when you want to watch movies on the television from your laptop with only a VGA cable. However, if you have an HDMI cable, then you have nothing to worry about when watching the movie on the television from your laptop.