Wednesday, February 18, 2015

VGA to DVI Converter Box

Generally speaking, analog and digital signals are delivered in quite different modes. As a result, there will be some compatibility issues between electronic products. The VGA to DVI conversion is necessary when the analog signal has to be converted into digital signals.

Mixing analog and digital signals require a supporting device. We can take a VGA graphics card and a digital flat screen sign as good examples. The VGA to DVI-D converter is such a device, which is necessary equipment when you are not able to change the graphics card or the computer. People can get important information such as maps, directions or notifications from the digital center. Such display tools are very common in hospital or airport. To be honest, this is similar to a bulletin board. The only difference is that it has a screen used to present text data and images, which can make it seem like a television display. As a matter of fact, such presentation on the digital message center is changed through some program using software on a control station, typically a computer.

When the signage has to be upgraded, some change will occur in the control station. When the new signage is digital while the controlling computer has a VGA connection, the compatibility issue will emerge. Therefore, a VGA to DVI conversion is required to realize in order to make the sign to be properly received and the signal sent from the control station to be properly presented.

Here is the good news. The VGA to DVI conversion is far more readily available and affordable than upgrading the hardware on the control station. In fact, the operating system and software have to be upgraded to accommodate the new hardware under some circumstances. A VGA to DVI-D converter is much more economical and faster than upgrading hardware and software on the control station.