Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Difference between Interlaced and Progressive Video (Ⅱ)

In comparison, progressive video is made up of consecutively displayed video frames. All the horizontal lines consisting of the image being shown are contained. Therefore, progressive video has some advantages over interlaced video. For example, images will be smoother, fast-motion sequences are sharper and artifacts are much less prevalent.

Nonetheless, progressive video has some drawbacks as well. People have found that progressive video demands higher bandwidth, which may lead to some problems if this requirement cannot be satisfied. With the development of science and technology, such problems cannot pose threat to the application of progressive video for a lot of more advanced technological products keep emerging. Nowadays, television systems and packaged media such as DVD are moving away from analog transmission and storage. Instead, the digital variants are becoming more and more popular. Under such circumstances, people have the opportunity to apply more efficient video compression most of the time. As a result, with the same amount of bandwidth, higher resolution images can be achieved than possible via interlaced analog video.

As a matter of fact, interlaced video will also be applied for a long time even though progressive video is more convenient and popular. The reason is that broadcasts in the US and some other countries still make use of 1080-line interlaced HD format. Nonetheless, both displays and packaged media are moving toward progressive video formats as the exclusive video at the same time, such as 720- and 1080-line progressive formats.

Actually, all digital, non-CRT displays can only display progressive video. As a result, any interlaced video cannot be displayed on them before being de-interlaced or converted. Interlaced video signals have to be deinterlaced or converted to progressive video. With time going on, it is possible that progressive video will totally take the place of interlaced video in every type of device since progressive video is more convenient and beneficial to people.